MillerWare Consulting was founded in 1981 by Walt Miller, and has been providing quality consulting services to businesses ever since. They are located in Orlando, FL,

Prior to establishing his own business, Walt was employed by Lockheed Martin as a Finance Manager. His responsibilities included department management, financial contract management, budget management, customer reporting, risk assessment, as well as bid and proposal activities.

Among MillerWare Consulting’s clients are companies both large and small. Piper Aircraft, Boeing Aircraft, Albany Medical Center, U.S. Air Force, , Lockheed Martin, Jupiter Medical Center, Orange County Convention Center, and Orange County Government as well as RH Solutions, Fence Outlet, Paul Reid Consulting and Taco Express, to name just a few.

As a result of his considerable experience and years in the business, Walt has built an extensive network of contacts in the Department of Defense and financial industry which he actively maintains and is able to draw from when necessary.